The Detroit News reported today that the Pistons are in serious negotiations with seven time All-Star shooting guard Tracy McGrady.  If both sides can come to an agreement it would be for the veterans minimum of 1.2 million.  This is would be an odd move by the Pistons, as they are currently over loaded at the guard position.  McGrady has put some great numbers over the course of his career, but has no success in being on a team that has advance past the first round of the playoffs.  Detroit News writer Vincent Goodwill suggested the if the Pistons sign McGrady it would make it small forward Tayshaun Prince and shooting guard Richard Hamilton more expendable.  An odd statement considering the Pistons have been actively trying to trade both players since last year’s trade deadline.  While signing McGrady would pose as a low risk/high reward for the Pistons it is not a deal that makes a lot of sense.  Especially if the Pistons cannot find a way to trade Prince or Hamilton, I would hope the Pistons are simply gaging McGrady’s interest in joining the team.  He could serve as a cheap stop gap player for the Pistons as they continue to rebuild.  McGrady obviously is not a long term solution, but could bring excitement and scoring.  However, the Pistons should wait to pursue this deal until they make a trade.  This sounds like a desperate move on the Pistons part, in hopes of drawing fan interest towards a rebuilding team.  I suppose the Pistons are in position to explore any and all options to improve their team, but I would prefer to hear stories in the news about Piston trade rumors instead of signing injury prone former All-Stars.

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